anyone know how to get rid of this pop up?


    well im not going to click a potentially malicious link so ill give my generic response and hopefully that will do the trick for you

    what antivirus / malware do you have ? if its anything other than avast you may wish to consider changing

    if you have any of the below then run them if not download and run

    malwarebytes from

    see if that picks up anything

    then run junkware removal tool from here

    then adwcleaner from here

    it has most likely come from some free software you have recently downloaded where you installed something to the toolbar along side it
    if the above dont pick up and remove it there are some manual checks that can be done.

    then let me know how you get on and we can take it from there.
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    Original Poster

    it uninstalled vuze

    I am having the same problem. Every morning and maybe a couple more times a day, I get a new tab that shows up saying "Your browser is old and requires an update." The url in the address bar is….... I think this started a couple of days ago as a result of downloading and running windows-movie-maker-free.exe from . I have uninstalled everything that I can think of, but I still get the pop-ups. I checked and there are no browser extensions running that shouldn't be. Any ideas?

    download adwcleaner from this ..…tml and if your still not happy download hitmanpro... which will run in pro version for 30 days if you provide an email addy...just make up some thing or an other... adw will reset your home page to what ever browser you use so mind you loose your home page... just reset it
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