Anyone know how to get the lighting/control panel out of the roof of a 306 ?

    I need to fit a new aerial to the car.
    I know you get to the nut through the lighting panel but I get get the thing off !

    It slides back about an inch and drops slightly but then won't move ?? There are no screws I can see but it's sticking on something at the front... Anyone done this and know where I'm going wrong ???



    Why not try a car forum:p

    Original Poster

    I'm not a member of one and before I go and register with one, I thought I'd ask here.

    I'm always amazed by what people on here know !

    Sometimes you just need a little more force, others you need to get a light in and try and find any clips and push them in with a small flat head screwdriver to pull it down.

    Depends on what types of clips are used as to what action you use.

    you can search most car forums for posts/solutions to the problems your having without registering.

    Found a post here about removing interior light fitting:-…rew

    Might help you.

    Original Poster

    You are a star searcher !!

    I've been trying combinations of words for an hour and I never found that one. Many thanks. . .
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