Anyone know how to improve the battery life on a C905 ??

    iv read that if you change it from 3G to 2G you get this:
    Talk Time: 4 hours (3G) - 9 hours (2G)

    how do i changes it from 3 to 2G?

    any other tricks ?



    soak it in asda lavender bubble bath for 48 hours.

    Original Poster

    huh ???

    network settings.

    Jed Maxwell;5421322

    soak it in asda lavender bubble bath for 48 hours.


    Use mains charger.....Unlimited Talk Time + Unlimited Standby Time + Your welcome :thumbsup:

    PS : Setting the phone to use 2G only will be in the network settings, probably under Network Mode...there will be a couple of options, UMTS (3G) and GSM (2G).....and most prob dual mode.... if you want to use only the 2G then choose GSM.

    Read the manual next time

    try settings-connectivety-mobile networks option should be there to change from 3g to 2g

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    cooooool !! thanks folks,
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