Anyone know how to install battlefield 2 - vista

    Googled around, cant seem to find any great guide on how to install it to vista.


    I've installed BF2 on Vista

    Insert the disc and follow the instructions.

    is it installing but not giving you shortcuts

    What problems are you getting with the install ?

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    I've installed BF2 on VistaInsert the disc and follow the instructions.

    Really?!, i would never have thought of that....

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    I cant remember the message i was getting, tried to reinstall it again , for the 20th time, now telling my serial number is invalid... And i have entered it correctly everytime !

    WTF, lol.


    Really?!, i would never have thought of that....

    You never gave us information on what was going wrong. To me you asked how to install BF2.

    If the game is second hand the serial probably won't work.

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    Its new.

    THe CD key problem is apparently fixed by editing registry :

    /HKLM/SOFTWARE/Electronic Arts/EA Games/Battlefield 2/ergc ...... then adding x9392 in front of your valid CD key.


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    Ive found in it in - Dice, then it has 2 folders with nothing in them, Battlefield 2 and 1.00.0000

    So Registry editor - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_ - Software > Dice > Battlefield 2(TM) > 1.00.0000, all with nothing in them to edit.

    Its the newer version of battlefield, with all the expansions.

    I think you have the wrong registry key ....there definately should be an Electronics Arts folder !

    If your really stuck read this thread :…112


    I've installed the complete edition just fine on vista
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