Anyone know how to make a complaint to Ebay?

I recently sent an email to Ebay because the money for an item I sold was put on hold until the buyer left feedback. I emailed them asking for a clear reason why this had happened and got this response.

By the way my name is SASHA, and not SALSA, and i'm a MR and not a MS. And just look at the name they gave. Obviously some cretin in a call centre in a land far away thinking he's funny.

Dear Salsa Davis,

Thank you for taking your time to contact PayPal. My name is A and I am
glad to assist you with your concern.

As I have read your email, I understand that you have emailed us in
relation to the payment that is being on hold.

Ms.Davis, I would like to apologise for the inconvenience that this has
caused you. Allow me to assist you in this matter. Please be informed that
PayPal may release the payment to the seller as the buyer receives the item
and leaves positive feedback or after 21 days. However, the payment may be
held longer for transactions involving disputes, claims, chargebacks or
other actions.

Once the buyer has paid for the item, you should ship it as quickly as
possible in order to increase the likelihood that the payment is released
sooner. At our discretion, PayPal may release the funds earlier when the
buyer leaves positive feedback. If the buyer did not leave a positive
feedback you will be waiting for 21 days for the funds to be released.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Should you need further assistance, please
do not hesitate to contact us back. We will be more than happy to serve you

We appreciate your business with us and wish you continued success. Thank
you for being a valuable customer of PayPal!

PayPal European Services
PayPal, an eBay Company


best bet ,if 1 of your mate uses a lot they will have a telephone number - ring them and they HONOUR the call .

Original Poster Banned

i will look for a phone numer, its probably one of those 0871 rip you off numbers!

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they wouldn't give me a clear reason for doing this, i recently sold a laptop, no problem payment straight away. Now I'm selling another and 'payment pending' wth?!

Last time this happened I had to chase to buyer for over a week to send me feedback to get paid, the person ignored all my emails till i made a complaint. It really feels like Sellers are being bent over and ****** at the moment on Ebay. Today I had a non-payer who bought a laptop, then said 'oh sorry I forgot about this bid and I bought one in the shop'. It said I can't take action over this for a week, so I thought sod it I will accept a cancellation, just so I can get it back for sale again.


i've been told,that if you refund 1p to the customer,then your payment is released !! havent tried it myself but maybe worth a try??


ihave alsobeentold that they ban you account and keep the money for trying to get around there polocies

so i wouldnt try it


They won't honour the call if your user name is not vaslid to use ut. … They won't honour the call if your user name is not vaslid to use ut. Nothing you can do ebay state this is the rules and you would of had a warning about it before listing, most people just don't read it.

Hmm im speaking from personnel experience are you ??

my friend gave me the number , when i got through the women explained the number was not valid for my acount , but they had to honour the call .

In which they did , but even so they couldnt do anything to help me , i had the satisfaction of givingm them my opionion though wihch i did in no uncertain terms

my problem was the same as yours also op , but i had to wait i think its 28 days ? because i never got feedback , what a joke

My account was valid for the number, got a card through the post, and it showed every timed I logged in, but they still said I wasn't on their list! (They did honour the call though) I was trying to sell my tiffany necklace, and it sold to a NPB and they allowed me to re-list it after I complained that they buyer hadn't paid, then when it didn't sell, they wouldn't allow me to re-list it until after an 30 days because of their policy. I thought it was really unfair. Also, ebay fees just seem to be going up more and more, and Royal Mail's costs going up too, and then buyers decide not to pay, it's just a joke.

Is this ebays number? Anyone can ring it, waste of time though unless you feel like calling somebody a stupid know nothing ****:lol: Seriously, they're a bunch of retards.

"Call eBay Customer Support
020 8080 2105 Mon - Fri 8.00AM - 9.00PM
Sat & Sun 11.00AM - 5.00PM"


ring them and they HONOUR the call .

Honour the call? Wtf is that supposed to mean :?
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