anyone know how to play and where to play new maps on COD4

    Just got a code for maps from cod4 and downloaded thwem but have no idea where they are?
    can someone explain to me where they are please



    They'll be there when u play online....

    they aren't single player level add-ons

    Where did you get the code from? For what platform is it?


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    i was given them from a competiton and its for xbox360

    when ur on the main screen, go to the left so you go to the store part, then click redeem code and type it in there.

    if your console doesnt start on the main screen, when in a game press the xbox button then Y to go to the main screen then do as above

    you can play the maps locally or online.

    they are not an extension to single player

    ps. if you dont want them.....

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    i ve downloaded thm but caant seem to find them on the 360 or call of duty


    i ve downloaded thm but caant seem to find them on the 360 or call of duty

    I downloaded a free guitar hero track once and it didnt appear, so i have to download it again and it appeared. trying downloading it again

    They'll be there when you go onto xbox live to play The new maps are mixed in with the older ones now & come up randomly

    Or... if you go into a private game you can select the map you wanna play on
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