Anyone know how to remove One Drive from a PC?

Posted 11th MarEdited by:"steve1221"
I did a clean install of W10 over the weekend. All good apart from One Drive messing around.

I copied my 'My Doc's' dir back to the PC and One Drive then backed it up even though I didn't tell it do.
Tried to uninstall One Drive and it wiped the My Doc's folder on C and didn't uninstall (no idea why, no alerts came up).
Made a new My Doc's folder and the only option was to merge it with the old one (which wasn't showing up even with show hidden enabled). As soon as merge was clicked the new My Doc's folder vanished!

I did make a shortcut to the My Doc's folder on my C drive on the desktop. This has now been changed (by One Drive, I assume) to point to One Drive!

Anyone know how I can get rid of One Drive AND keep a My Doc's on the C drive??

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I always decline the option to use Onedrive when installing Windows but there’s a lot info about disabling, uninstalling & repairing folder locations on this Microsoft Community support page:…e=1
Edited by: "captainbeaky" 11th Mar
Thanks both. Now disabled and I have my local doc's folder back...
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