Anyone know how to repair cracked pa6-gf30 plastic?

Found 26th Jul 2014
Hi, cracked plastic handle on a power saw, anyone known how to fix? Which glue would be best? Thanks
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I recently repaired my Father's electric hedge-trimmer (which he dropped onto concrete from about 7/8ft!) which cracked all the plastic handle, shroud, trigger etc. Upon opening, lots of little plastic lugs had cracked off with no chance of glueing. Instead, I drilled right through the housing and fitted "pins" right through to hold the internals.

With regards to your question though, I didn't use glue at all in the end. I just rebuilt the housing (like a jigsaw puzzle!) and used silver "repair" tape (or Duct tape) to hold it all together and in place. It's solid as a rock and works a treat. No mess, it can be removed and replaced if necessary and was cheap as chips.

If you insist on using glue (or have no other choice) I would think along the lines of a two-part adhesive - i.e. epoxy resin. You can pick up cheap stuff in the likes of Poundland. Just mix equal parts together and spread/paste it onto whatever you need to join. It's preferable to try and hold the two surfaces together for a while until they take. then leave for a good 24 hours to really cure. I'm sure you know all this though...

Good luck, my friend.

Regards, Phsy.
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