anyone know how to throttle wi-fi?

    im sharing my wifi with another member of the family he is constantly using torrents and uploading/down loading full speed which is making my pc lag constantly.

    i dont want to cut him off full stop but would like to throttle his usage to about 1mb speeds,are there any programmes that enable this?



    Depends what you are using I use emule and it allows you to set the upload / download speed.

    To be honest if it's connected the pc seems slower even if it not up/downloading

    I had the same problem as you a few months ago.

    In the router settings I blocked ALL ports and then just enabled the essential ones like port 80 (http) port 443 (https) and port 25 (smtp). The idea behind doing so was to block any possible port the torrent application would be using.

    Before i did all this i did do a search on the internet for an application that'd do it but nothing came up, for my router at least. I reckon it can't be done with a application running off your PC and has to be a function built into the router.

    p.s. blocking the bittorrent ports doesn't completely stop the traffic getting through, it just significantly slows it (drops to ~20kbps-50kbps on our 2mbps connection). I didn't want to cut this person off completely either.

    You can throttle upload and download speeds of the Bittorrent app, but unless the router supports throttling on a system by system basis, there's nothing you can do about it. It might be your network, but as far as the network is concerned, your PC is just another PC on it with no more say over the rest of the network than any other device attached, so there's nothing you can install on your PC to cap things. Easiest thing is to make him throttle his Torrent app, under threat of you changing the WPA keys.


    My linksys lets me prioritise certain PC's with the standard firmware.

    It's still better to stick dd-wrt on there - overclock and up the wifi power!
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