Anyone know how to touch up old pictures?

    I have a scan of some old photographs in black and white, I have one in particular that has been ripped and is peiced together and scanned.

    What is the best free program I could use, or can anyone suggest a paid one that would do a good job?

    I have no photoshop experience at all.


    Picasa Web Albums has some basic touch-up tools included with the free download.

    Alternatively, The Gimp (no jokes please) is a free but very powerful tool that offers photoshop like functionality and there are a myriad of tutorials on the internet for various things to do with it.

    I have used Paintshop Pro for years, Easier to use that the more expensive programs but powerful enough for beginners/intermediate users...

    How bad is the picture? I could have a crack at it on Photoshop if it's not too serious (limited PS skills here!). PM me if you want.

    minstrelman has some serious skills, but he runs a business

    Post a link to it here, and invite folks to try their hand at repairing it...
    or in the photo thread...…269
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