anyone know how to transfer slides to photos? Charges are £2 per print at Boots!

Posted 12th Feb 2015
just wondered if anyone knows of a good site to use for getting prints from slides. I think it can be done via a home printer but I am a technophobe.
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if you have a scanner (or 3in1 printer) use that.
use a torch app that allows you to light your phone or tablet screen and place on top of slide on your scanner.
then just scan to your pc.
You can do it yourself cheaper -try this from Amazon…4FV
thank you all so much! Will get one of the kids to help me
Had this problem with several hundred slides and went through various solutions including an expensive slide scanner. Generally found the process very time consuming and the quality was disappointing, particularly the cheap scanners.
I the end I found the 2 ways to do this, either send the slides to a slide transfer service, google to find one, but it isnt cheap.
Or, if you still have a good slide projector and screen, set up to get an image of about 3' wide. Slightly in front and underneath the projector, set up a good quality digital camera on a tripod and photograph each image on the screen. You may need to use the timer on the camera to release the shutter as the flash needs to be off, this prevents camera shake and a blurred image.
You have to play about a bit to get it right, but once set up the image quality is perfectly acceptable for showing on a computer screen or printing out at 7x5" and you can bash through the slides really quickly. Also you could just take the images down to Boots on a memory stick and get them printed, which would be cheaper in bulk than doing it at home.
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