Anyone know how to update firmware?

    I have a fairly old internet bridge. The Belkin F5D7330 to be exact, thing is I need to update the firmware in order to get WPA encryption. Currently it only supports WEP 64 and 128bit. When I try to update it via a browser ( it keeps saying File verification failed.


    Make sure you've got the right firmware for you version.…283

    Ensure you update over a wired (not wireless) connection.

    ive updated mine no problems by doing this and uploading the belkin file
    Windows® 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP
    1. Go to the Windows Control Panel and double-click on the “Network”
    icon or the “Network Connections” icon.
    2. Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” for your wireless adapter
    and select “Properties”.
    3. In the “General” tab, select the Internet Protocol TCP/IP settings for
    your wireless adapter and click on the “Properties” button.
    4. Select the “Use the following IP address” radio button.
    5. Enter an IP address in the same subnet as the Adapter. For example:
    6. Enter the following subnet mask: Then click “OK”.
    Note: Once you have completed configuring your Adapter, repeat
    steps 1 through 3. Then select “Obtain an IP automatically” or set a
    valid IP for your computer on the same subnet as the network to which
    you are connecting.
    Using the Web-Based Advanced User Interface
    Logging into the Adapter
    Using your Internet browser, you can access the Adapter’s Web-Based
    Advanced User Interface. In your browser, type “”
    (do not type in anything else such as “http://” or “www”). Then, press
    the “Enter” key.
    You will see the Adapter’s home page in your browser window. The home
    page is visible to any user who wants to see it. To make any changes to
    the Adapter’s settings, you have to log in. Clicking the “Login” button
    or clicking on any one of the links on the home page will take you to the
    login screen. The Adapter ships with no password entered. In the login
    screen, leave the password blank and click the “Submit” button to log in.

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    Alright Ill give that a try thanks guys.
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