anyone know if boots can print photos from dvd or does it need to be on SD card?

Posted 14th Feb 2010
as title says really. going to boots in Crawley. they have quite a big printing section, not just the little machine things. any ideas? thanks
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sainsburys can do it from a cd / dvd
i have done some in boots off a dvd
The self service printing machine things have a disc drive on them so you probably can. That is unless the drives only read CDs, not DVDs but i wouldn't have thought that was the case.

If your DVD is a slideshow of pictures it probably won't read them though.
thanks. it wont be slide show, i just dont have any CDs, only got DVDs at the moment. and also dont know is i can find the SD adapter as my memory card is a funny one, with a micro SD in it. will try find SD adapter if not just hope they can print from DVD.…44/
Would depend if the store your using has updated the kiosks. The site does not list DVDs.
My partner uses a USB memory stick after lots of troubles with Cd's. She often has to try a couple of machines and sometimes re-insert the stick a couple of times.
If you go this way make sure it has nothing but the pictures on as this can confuse the machines.
found my SD card adapter now, and my boots has people that print as well as machines and apparently do 'wet print' not just inkjet (whatever that means) so will try the SD route, thanks again.
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