Anyone know if it's possible to upgrade to Dropbox Pro and use Remote Wipe AFTER a device goes missing?

    I haven't lost any devices, just wondering. Would be great of you could.


    Not sure but dropbox can be pin protected on mobile, and google/iphone can remote wipe anyway if set up correctly

    think it needs the feature enabled in settings on the app..

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    think it needs the feature enabled in settings on the app..

    yeah that would kill it. I just checked my free account settings on Android and there's no sign of remote wipe...

    PIN protect it. Set it to "Erase data" and it will erase any dropbox data after 10 wrong attempts at the code.

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    Cerberus looks nice. "Record audio from the microphone" and "Get a list of last calls sent and received" are power features I wouldn't expect Google to ever bother with. and BEST - it's compatible with my old Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) phone too!

    I'm specifically thinking of reasons I can/cannot recommend Dropbox for various situations. So far, points against it are a business really has to pay £7.99 per month PER USER at entry level. I'll try torrentSync but that word is still scary so...

    For peeps who can "get away with" a personal version and 2GB is enough, remote wipe on *any* device would mean you can relax even if you have other peoples' data on it. Paying the £7.99 once for that would look very valuable.

    dcx_badass prefer Ceberus … prefer Ceberus though:

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