Anyone know if the MS student offer for Windows 7 Pro is the full version ?

    I'm building a new pc for my son and he can get a student offer on w7 pro from MS

    Has anyone bought through this and know if the w7 package is the full install or just the upgrade version ? As it'll be installed on a new drive.


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    Yes it is the full version

    I think this must be the full version as I got the student MS windows 7 deal and it only cost me £30 to upgrade from vista

    It is the full version but you have to download and burn to disc or pay extra for a hardcopy.

    I think it is, but i think you only get sent the disc but no box

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    It's an upgrade copy actually. I bought it myself. But there's work … It's an upgrade copy actually. I bought it myself. But there's work arounds to do a clean install anyway.What £70!!! It was only £30 when I got it at the start of Jan.

    Yeah, that's why I though it must be the full version if they want an extra 40 quid for it !

    Also, the one at 30 quid was labelled as an upgrade copy, this is just labelled pro . . .

    I've not used mine yet but im pretty sure its an upgrade copy.
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