anyone know if the woolworths 3 for 2 on all toys is coming back

Found 26th Oct 2008
I seen a post a fewdays ago saying the woolworths 3 for 2 is coming back soon anyone know if this is true and if so when

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Monday I think...not sure tho..

when i went the other weekend the toys on offer werent very good in imho not a lot of high school musical or other popular toys

my sister in law said the woolworths manager told her they should have a 3 day one again this week ahead sometime.

boots are better,they have loads of choice in their 3 for 2 toys offer

It was such a good deal, that it couldnt last that long...

Just to confirm, the 3 for 2 offer on ALL toys will begin again tomorrow and end on Sunday 2nd November.

Just been...pretty good

Got 3 Thomas the tank engine train sets for £50

Christmas pretty much sorted


Yep, started this morning and goes on until Sunday. Offer now includes entire range of ONLINE books. :thumbsup:
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