Anyone know if these boots would be genuine?

Posted 10th Nov 2010
Looking for a pair at the moment, but a bit concerned if these would be genuine. What do you guys think?

Ebay no 180577083915

If they are fake is there any easy comeback through ebay?

Just a bit concerned about the lack of feedback before jumping in although I realise everyone has to start somewhere!


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Dude Israel..

It would be easier and cheaper to deal with someone in the UK
I would pay the extra with a UK dealer
his feedback is for the same boots from people with high feedback and they seem happy with them, can always file a claim if not happy
I wouldn't ,the feedback is too low yet,not enough comments to know whether they are potentially fake or not,i'd leave it.
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all items are stock photos only 3 feedback been a member for 2+ years
Remember the saying.....if something sounds too good to be true it probably is!.....or the other one....don't gamble what you aren't willing to lose (not sure if I made that one up)
My main question back at you is this...are Blundstone boots commonly faked?
Not sure if they are faked. They are expensive top quality boots that you cannot buy from any British seller (to my knowledge).
Scrub that, there are a few sellers but the boots are £90+
Well in "theory" if they were commonly faked then you would see Ebay awash with copies of them, UGG boots are commonly faked, memory cards, Oral B Toothbrush heads, Calvin Klein Undies all you will see on Ebay at dubious prices.

A quick google search on Blundstone Fakes and I cannot come up with anything, so the chances of them being fake certainly are unknown...usually though fake goods on Ebay are sold in droves and you would see it awash with sellers of Blundstone boots, fakes are mass produced from popular items
I'd opt for these 280580253616

I'd opt for these 280580253616

Nice one! Didn't see them. I think i'll pay the extra few quid for delivery.

Nice one! Didn't see them. I think i'll pay the extra few quid for … Nice one! Didn't see them. I think i'll pay the extra few quid for delivery.

You're welcome,they look a safer bet
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