anyone know if this satnav is any good?

    I think it's a Navigo? I've managed to loose my tomtom so thought I might get a cheaper one so I'm not quite as angry if I loose or break it!

    I assume for £55 it won't be as good as the tomtom one I had but the spec looks good enough, I don't drive very often for my job so it's only for use about once or twice a month and for holidays etc.…ews



    Well I am not sure about the V3 of Navigo but I can tell you the V2 or V1 of the navigo are fantastic…tml…ews

    Read the comments on ebuyer they will tell you everything about how to get the Tom Tom sw on your Navigo.

    I am very please with my Navigo, I even got friends with Tom Tom that are considering buying one as it works out cheaper to get a Navigo than to buy extra maps for the Tom Tom

    I bought a Navigo and it allowed me to put TomTom software so it was like getting a TomTom.

    I'd recommend the one you have picked, especially if you can put TomTom software on that as well.

    Original Poster

    cheers guys - sounds like the one for me then, didn't even realise I would be able to change the software on it - I'll have a look at that too

    will rep in a sec,

    defiantly a good buy....i bought one a few years ago for £60 and installed tom tom v6 (i think) onto a sd card...popped it into the navigo... just the same as having a tom tom....

    Nothing has ever gone wrong with it...good piece of kit...
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