Anyone know if you can still make an on-line chat with EE as an existing customer?

Found 25th Oct 2014
Trying to resolve a billing issues and really wanting to do it via online chat so that I have a transcript of the conversation.

It used to be the case that when in your account on EE a chat pop-up would appear and allow a chat session to start. However - now this only occurs when you are in the EE shop and even then you get the choice of a support chat session with your EE number given - but when you send the chat request the chat session is closed with a message .... You can log into your account here to see your bill, and complete many service transactions. Alternatively, click here to see our contact details.

So have EE stopped on-line chat for existing customers wanting support ?

any ideas folks?


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g o on their Twitter feed you'll see the agents giving the live chat link click it. & I'm an existing customer but I needed help with login issues & know my contract end date they resolved it. I'm not sure f thy available on sat & sun
server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/…VAR!Rank=9&SESSIONVAR!oldSession=7DA3F58CEED5A58A&SESSIONVAR!skill=uk-social-transfers&SESSIONVAR!lplinkmobile=true&chatnumber=ETLbewAAAUlHO6g3ABRBRVMvQ0JDL1BLQ1M1UGFkZGluZwCAABAAEODIC8Tl6XgH0C7Ao%2B27vYEAAACAPYoPPlCZ%2BiFm3BnLmhRwEDPj3BTgGxUjd2RfsePP8e%2F1u9WIxRPGKVsruh%2Boom1z38QlT6tewgRhYZ69bxI2gMVFx7HZnhIUtdf7XhvMCE41Y9vT0FhdHYjRo%2FzDGCzFaiVJ9pvJtF2eBx%2FGXw99Afv%2BgJh1rrNvfIYLJYrZihcAFE5CVW3HZJiv9mACMevZS5H31MFt open till 5
checking that link now - thanks default

many thanks default - that linked worked a treat and they even email you a transcript showing that they have re-instated my discount code

could come in handy when the next bill comes in !!!

By any chance did you get the last years £8.00 contract from tmobile? I was trying to see if they would continue the discount but they said no.
nope it was this deal ...hotukdeals.com/dea…e=7

but they have agreed that the ongoing discount was removed in error so refunding over payments and put the discount code back

rather sneaky to remove the code with no communication but they have resolved it quick[y

EE even replied to mu facebook message within 15 mins - maybe social media is the quicker way now

Yes they do reply fast through social media. I think I read on twitter the live chat link changes everyday. So just use the link the agent sends someone on the day through twitter.
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