Anyone know much about Epson Connect? Having trouble with ours!

Found 18th Aug 2014
Hi all,

We have just bought a Epson XP-215 printer, which prints fine wirelessly from our MacBook and iPhones. But we can't seem to get the Epson Connect feature to work?

We have set everything up with both the installer from the CD and the online installer. Managed to create an Epson Connect account including a unique email address. All settings seem ok. But when we try to send an email, we receive a confirmation reply to say its been sent, but all emails get stuck Pending on the User Page. So nothing comes through to the printer at all?

When we log in to the printer's IP, the Epson Connect Services state 'Registered Connection Status: Disconnected'.

And just to let you know we are using the most recent BT HomeHub.

Can anyone offer any advice or help for us as the Epson Connect feature (and the compact size) was the main reason we bought it as we want to be able to send documents straight to the printer at home whilst abroad.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem on my Epsom wf3540 using a bt homehub 4 can not get the Epson connent to work

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