anyone know much about lighting ?

    I'm trying to decide between 2 lanterns for camping. I've narrowed it down to these two but don't understand the diferent tubes or whatever in them?

    The first one says The Gelert 13 watt double U tube lantern will take 12 hours to charge and will stay luminous for 3-4 hours.

    While the 2nd one says
    Supply Voltage 240v Cable Pack Supplied
    Flurescent I Tubes
    240v/12volt Adaptor
    2M 12v Car Plug Charger
    Operating Time App 8 Hours

    Anyone know what the diference is between the Flurescent I Tubes and 13 watt Double U-Tube ? I'm prefering the 2nd one at the mo cuz it'll last 8 hours instead of 3-4 but wondered if that was because the brightness is crap is it just more efficient?

    Links to the 2 lanterns below:…555…spx



    Im sure they are the same, the U tube is just a bent over I tube. So a double u tube just has two bent over I tubes, like a energy saving bulb.

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    ah right - so if they are the same is it safe to assume that the one that lasts twice as long is half as bright?

    I guess it could just have a bigger or better battery?

    The Outwell latern is 12v while Gelert is only 6V. I assume the Gelert has two u tubes in order to try and be as bright as the Outwell due to its lesser power storage.

    Try looking on here ']http//ww…177 as they are fairly cheap. The Gelert is only £18 on there.

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    thanks for your help - I'm gonna go for the Outwell one which is £23.49 delivered over here, I'll have another look around to see if it's cheaper anywhere else but don't know many camping sites.…spx

    I couldn'd find it at all on the gooutdoors site?

    Once again - thanks I'll bung some rep your way
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