anyone know much about tumble dryers?

    my heater went on my dryer about a month ago and i replaced it . Its a condenser dryer and you have to empty the water container when full ,the problem is dryer is stopping all the time and indicator shows bottle needs empty but it doesnt need emptied .what could be wrong?


    had one of these in my last flat - and had exactly the same problem.

    Now I don't know what brand or model yours is - or mine for that matter, but i'll tell you what i did with mine.

    If the front of the machine is where the door is, look for a panel on the front of the machine and below the door.

    On ours this panel was the full width of the machine and pulled off - i'm not sure if there was some sort of release button.

    Now behind this panel were two removeable filters, take them out and clean them the best you can. On mine these were full of 6 months worth of fluff etc. This was quite fiddly, i did it with a blunt knife, seemed to do the trick.

    Put it back together, start drying again....

    let us know if it works


    yep - as above

    Normally filter every time, good luck x

    I have a filter in the door of my condenser and one under the water tray, the second one needed emptying and was preventing mine from working, once emptied and cleaned good as new.
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