anyone know of a betting site... you can bet with premium txt messages?

    As per title really!

    want a site that i can bet from my mobile balance, reason being is im on o2 and top up a tenner a month for my 500 texts, and only use my texts, so after a year ive got about a 100 quid in credit as i dont use it to call that often, mainly just to waste it, or just use my land line

    seems silly paying 50 quid for 500 texts, when i can get them for free, so looking at another way of creaming my credit, is there any company than i can bet with? say put it all on man utd winning at stoke, win about 110 quid from my 100 and then let me withdraw it?

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    Beat to it, why would you want to do it anyway?

    Totesport do a text betting service but you need to top up your account first

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    just found it, im havin a look, can you def top up from credit? having signed up you can do a 'text top up' but you have to register a bank card so i imagine you can top up from your card by text, but not sure if youcan from your phone balance?
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