Anyone know of a cheap hotel at Manchester Airport

    Ok i have booked a flight from Manch to Dubai but after booking my flight to Dubai found out there were no flights up to manch from exeter on a Saturday ahhhhh!! (I know i did it round the wrong way you don't need to telll me im a wolly:D)I have figured the only way round is to stay at a hotel at the airport the nite before..any1 know of a cheapish hotel?? or the cheapest way up to manch from exeter on a Saturday ty

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    Stay at the airport from £49

    National Express £49.50 single (7 hours +)

    Virgin Trains £100 + (4hrs +)

    try, i always use them for parking and hotels

    if you have to get a train then take a look at family and friends railcard - i got one last time when my train ticket came to loads and by spending 24 on a card i knocked it right down - there are usually some codes aswell floating around to bring the price of the card down to 16

    You didn't say what time the flight was but if it's the lunchtime Emirates then by rail it's £68 return from Exeter to Manchester if you book Exeter to Birmingham New Street (Advance single at £16.50 each way) and Birmingham New Street to Manchester Airport at £34.50 offpeak return.

    You will need to specify the times for the Exeter - Birmingham sections of the journey but can use any service from Biirmingham to Manchester Airport and back.


    Exeter 0623 Birmingham NS 0856
    Birmingham NS 0920 Manchester Airport 1104 (change at Crewe)

    Manchester Airport 1435 Birmingham NS 1631 (change at Manchester Piccadilly)
    Birmingham NS 1712 Exeter 1949

    All assuming mid March Saturday travel.

    If you need different times/dates just let me know.

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    wow thanks so much all of you....its much appreciated!! im flying from manchester at 8 in the evenin....ill take a look at all the options you have given i said before thanks soooooooooooo much!!!

    If this helps im leaving manchester airport at 20.20 on 21st march

    ive arranged my return flight but just gotta arrange getting up there.

    Thanks You so much

    Ok, for a single journey to Manchester only for an 8pm flight try this:

    Exeter SD 1223 Birmingham NS 1456 - Value advance £16.50
    Birmingham NS 1520 Manchester Apt 1704 (change Crewe) - Value advance £4.50

    Total £21.00, surely that's a deal!

    However, as your flight is quite late that means that there are plenty of options for travel north. The first thing to consider is that although booking separate tickets split at Birmingham saves money it does mean that if the first one is late enough you'll have to pay again for the onward journey if you miss the connection. There are two solutions to this:
    1. Book the first sector on an earlier train and potentially hang around in Birmingham for a while.
    2. Book in a different way:
    a) One through ticket all the way - £28.50 Value advance
    or b) One ticket as far as Manchester Piccadilly - £22.00 Value advance and a separate Offpeak single from there to the airport at £3.10 - you can use that on any train so it doesn't matter if either of the first two is late. Plus buying a through ticket to Manchester means that if the first train is late at Birmingham then you can catch the next one without penalty.

    Odd that Exeter to Piccadilly is cheaper than Exeter to Airport isn't it? But then the rail ticket system is full of lovely little anomalies like that that are just waiting to be discovered.

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    seriously andy thank you soooooo don't understand how greatful i am for you going to all this trouble for lil ol me im useless i hate travelling on my own i get so scared incase i miss trains get lost etc etc, hopefully the manchester piccadilly train station isnt to difficult to navigate around!!!

    thanks again i will look in to it tomrrow and hopefuully get something booked:Dx x x

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    i meant to also say above how do i find where to book these...there are so many train websites....

    Any of them will do,, etc. Most will charge a credit card transaction fee but [url][/url] certainly used not to, probably worth trying them. The actual tickets all come from the same place anyway.

    Piccadilly is not too difficult to find your way around although two of its platforms (13 & 14) are set off to the side over a bridge and if you have luggage it is probably best to avoid them if possible. If the first airport service is from one of those just wait until you see one from 1-12.

    One more thing, if your outward journey is on the 28th then the trip north will take a little longer as there is some engineering work taking place somewhere north of Bristol. Not any harder, just longer.

    Have a good trip.

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    im sure i posted on here last week and it seems to have gone!!

    Thanks soooo much andy you reli don't know how much of a star you do i add rep??

    All booked and can't wait to go woooopeeee!! thanks x

    If you want to, the rep thing is the little scales to the left of the avatar. It's great to know that you've saved a bundle (and will get to see a bit of the country on the way which is a nice bonus).

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    ive added you some rep...thanks again! yep the train should be nice...not been on a long train journey since i was at college...used to love it lets just hope theres no delays so i dnt get to stressed loool!! ty xx
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