Anyone know of a good 37" TV for under £600?

    Hi I am looking for the best 37" I can get for under £600. I am getting lost in a jungle of information. I am sure it never used to be this difficult! In case it makes a difference I will be probably hooking up a PS3 and using that to play DVDs/BluRay/DivX and games.

    Many thanks in advance!


    I was just about to post a similar thread - I Have same budget & require 37'' to 40''.

    I was all set to get this one…500
    via john lewis price match & £100 scrappage from an old tv - so it would work out at £399 for a 40'' 1080p sony bravia with a 5yr warranty from JL!!

    Now i am having second thoughts about this - as i have found out this tv is only 50hz. 100HZ being the popular spec. I will be using the TV mainly for Blu-rays & PS3 gaming (GTA IV).

    I have done a bit of searching around and the 37'' Toshiba 37XV635DB gets great reviews & can be bought for about £550. and looking at the above post - £100 cashback makes it a better deal.

    I really want to buy one this week & i'm getting attracted to the Toshiba - will keep you updated with my decision! :-)

    Looked at the 37" Tosh the other night in John Lewis Oxford St. Got to admit, it looked pretty good. It was on the wall sandwiched between the Sony KDL37S5500 & a Sammy LE37B550A5W and there was nothing in it picture wise between the Tosh and Sammy. Sony was the worst. In fact the Toshiba had the best viewing angles of all - practically side on the colours were still rich, while all the other brands in the row looked washed out.
    I've spent weeks reading reviews, visiting stores, so I glad I finally made my mind up. :thumbsup:

    I think Fenwicks include 5yr warrantys with all tv's? & Also could i get them to pricematch another store & get my £100 cashback from Toshiba.

    I bet Fenwicks would only price match an instore price - so i need to find the cheapest instore price for the Toshiba 37XV635DB. Also i need to check if the 5yr Fenwick warranty is true (I may be wrong about that)

    The fenwick website isn't very informative. Has no info about TV's & warranties - I will try & get a telephone no. & giv em a ring

    edit - I Rang Fenwicks in Newcastle - They Don't have stock of the 37'', but are expecting stock this week. He couldn't give me a price because they had no stock in.

    + They DO Pricematch any instore price
    + They DO give 5yr Warranties
    + The £100 Toshiba Cashback is valid - he knew about the Toshiba Cashback Scheme
    + 12month 0% Finance
    + Free Delivery within 50mile radius

    This is starting to sound good - I may have made my decision

    i'd recommend a toshiba tv any day, mine is fab, great picture for tv and for gaming/blu ray.

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    Well thats settled then - I think then I am going to go for the Toshiba 37". Thanks very much people. Next thing to work out is where from

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    No Fenwicks 50 miles or less to me in Cheltenham

    Just a heads up that the Toshiba 42XV635DB has dropped to £579 on Amazon. £479 after cashback - an insane price!

    Cancelled my order with John Lewis and ordered from Amazon this afternoon. Due tomorrow morning!…QGT
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