anyone know of a site that pays for surveys/opinions?

    as above please-

    rep waiting


    I've earnt a few quid off Quidco just asking for insurance quotes

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    I've earnt a few quid off Quidco just asking for insurance quotes


    which companies on quidco did you get a quote from?


    thankswhich companies on quidco did you get a quote from?

    £1 from
    £1.50 from

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    thanks mate.

    REP left

    any others please?

    Toluna are one of the best,they have mini polls on site and send you surveys almost everyday.
    only been a member a month and already earned a £12 hmv voucher and half way towards my next can pick what you want to receive vouchers for.
    also try lightspeed,surveyhead and valued opinions.get the occassional survey from all of them,same idea swap points for vouchers or money straight into paypal.

    toluna and lightspeed

    yeah valued opinions and toluna are great ive also recently joined ]http//ww….uk and have already earned a £5 amazon voucher


    im with toluna.

    But beware with them as sometimes you may spend upto half an hour doing a survey and not get the points credited. You have to chase them for the points. And then when you finally do get enough points to order a voucher or something it usually takes months to arrive (even the e-vouchers). My halford vouchers took over three months to arrive and my hmv e-voucher took around two months.

    There is also studentpanel if you are at university (you can also stay on when you graduate). That site asks questions about your uni life and course and gives you points which can then be converted into Amazon vouchers.

    Lightspeed uk are good. About 6x 20 - 35 minute surveys gets you a £5 amazon voucher.

    toluna are good

    Pinecone pays £4.00 for surveys in luncheon vouchers (can use them in Tesco etc) or Paypal although they can be difficult to join and Ciao pays for reviews if your review is popular.

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    thanks for this guys, all have been REPPED

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