Anyone know of a small LCD TV with wake up alarm?

Found 31st Oct 2008
As it says in the title. Mrs S likes to wake to the sound of Breakfast TV. Anything up to 19" would be good.
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Crickey I KNOW that some of them have this - on a site like Amazon or Argos or similar they have the tools that let you compare..... I bet LG do one......

OR just buy the TV that you want and plug it into an electronic timer in the wall, and it will come on then anyway!?!

Philips do one - but it isn't the cheapest tv by a long shot......
Humax is another make that does this - againg I can't comment on whether or not it is the best option or TV as that is off subject.....
Thanks all so far!

I'd already thjought about the timer switch, but I think most would go into standby when powered up.

Haven't yet found a Phillips but will continue looking.

The linked-to Humax is too big, but I found a smaller Humax that might do it on the same site.

Being the cheapest (or the best quality) really isn't too important...

Thanks again!
Spent the last hour or so browsing - can get a 19" Humax for around £200, or a Phillips HD ready widescreen for £250. Thanks again, I'd not found any at all!
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