Anyone know of any Center Parcs codes, please?

    Probably unlikely for the half-term break i'm sure but does anyone know of any Center Parcs codes for weekend break starting Friday 13th Feb or mid-week break starting Monday 16th Feb 2009? Thanks all x



    Good luck!

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    SAVECPGood luck!

    Thanks for that - tried it but not applicable on the dates I want unfortunately...but thanks anyway :thumbsup:

    try FAMILY for 15% off thanks to joesmum not sure the expiry date

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    miss money saver;3958930

    try FAMILY for 15% off thanks to joesmum not sure the expiry date

    Thanks so much but no working either - I've heard of this code before & think it might be for CP resorts not in the UK?

    CPWIN (all in caps)

    Got this today in an email- Offer code SAVECP

    You'll probably struggle to get a code to work for the half term holidays. Just checked their website and SAVECP won't work for the school holidays :-( I think the FAMILY code also doesn't work in the holidays and only applies if you have a child in your party under 5 years old. Best to give them a call to double check.

    Sorry not to bring better news!

    heres two more CPWEB should be 20% off

    Save 20% off, To claim this discount all you need to do is add the promotional code into the specified 'voucher redeem' area and the discount will be applied upon completing your order from ???? hope it works for you.

    if not try this......

    JAN8CP for 15% Off Selected Dates at Center Parcs (School Holidays Not Included)

    good luck

    found another VL14 30% off short break

    I've tried using a variety of discount codes from this site and others, all without success.

    When I phoned to try and haggle, stating I was a returning customer they still wouldn't give any discounts.:x

    More alarmingly, I was informed that prices may well rise due to demand, rather than fall. It might be clever marketing - but it worked!!
    It also now costs upto £40 to reserve accommodation (handy if you have kids and need to be closer to the facilities) rather than £20 in previous years.

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