Anyone know of any cheap hotels in Amsterdam?

    Going there next week and need a cheap place to stay.


    nice picture.
    Last I went (for cheap) just went to the bulldog, but might get better deal if look on google 'Amsterdam holtel / hostels' and pick somewhere you want to be.

    yes bruce fans!!!

    me and me pals go every year (8 yrs going now), and each time we've stayed in the same hotel. Its the Manofa hotel on the Damrak - main raid opposite the trainstation (about a 3 minute walk away). Its a cheap and nasty hotel - so if its the lads and you just want somewhere half decent then i recomend it. Maybe not for couples though.

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    Lol @ housefan.

    Cheers for the other replies.

    Brue Lee=awesome!
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