Anyone know of any cheap M.O.T deals at the moment?

    Car's gotta go in and thought i'd try and get the cheapest deal, it needs work too so the cheaper the mot the better! Thanks



    arent the prices now government set?

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    are they? well i didnt know that lol

    i think peugeot dealers have a deal for £39.99 and no re-test fee, pretty cheap

    they are set by the government but garages take the hit themselves and lower the prices to be competitive, so you can still get a good deal if you hunt around:thumbsup:

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    may check out the peugeot ones then as ive got a 206

    Just had mine done cost 29.99 and had a free re-test within 7 day's.
    Swindon area

    mine was 25 quid for the last 3 years. Birmingham, opposite Winson green prison. Seriously

    :thinking: M.O.Tprices vary here in scouseland..£28 ..£36...£40...£44 &£ probably depends on what car/banger you drive and how many wheels you have left once you have visited the capital of crime...sorry culture!:whistling:

    Be careful with good deals.
    One garage near me will only do the retest for free if you have had any problems fixed by them. Not necessarily a bad thing if you trust them, but just ask and be aware of what you are getting.


    go to the auto trader they are giving £20 off … go to the auto trader they are giving £20 off mot

    this offer ended on 31st dec 2008.

    A local garage to me in West Yorkshire does them for £30.00 with no free re-test..

    Or.. If you own a Audi over 3 years old, there website is offering you a free one!



    arent the prices now government set?

    they have always been "government" set, mot test stations dont set the price, but the maximum price that we can charge is £53.10 (due to go up in April) , there is no minimum price, so we could in theory give them away, but we be mad too !!!

    How it works is we buy from VOSA 100 test slots from memory i think at £1.40 each then we sell them on again for the what ever price we want, but as i say we cant charge anymore then the maximum price which is set at £53.10 this is for class 4 vehicles, full list of prices here…514
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