Anyone Know of Any Good Car Insurance Deals/Cashback Offers ???

    Hi All,

    My renewal quote has gone up massively although no accidents, not a teenager, etc. I can't seem to find a good quote at the mo, does anyone know of a good place to try?

    Tried moneysupermarket. Thanks


    Quidco can make a sizeable difference...just used Swiftcover and got £45 back.

    Why dont you try gocompare. If you use this comparison site thru quidco you get £2 just for getting the quotes!

    Try the comparison sites listed ]here.

    My renewal was £665 & I managed to get a quote of £485 through one them. Can't remember which one though, sorry!

    This was the cheapest I could get find taking quidco in to consideration

    I ended up going with HSBC and gettin £50 cashback

    Computer Quote Insurance saved me over £250 on my next nearest quote.

    try cashbackkings, they are giving £73 cashback on Asda car insurance, my wife has recently taken one out, Full no claims, fully comprehensive, £143.89, not bad! be even better when the £73 cashback is paid.



    Computer Quote Insurance saved me over £250 on my next nearest quote.

    i usually start by running a quote through


    i usually start by running a quote through

    Yeh i went for confused, money supermarket, tesco compare etc and then i went through another compare site (Cant remember name but had the number 4 in it) and then got a phone call from computer quote insurance, who got me car insurance (BY Zurich) for 250 cheaper than the next nearest which was e car insurance.

    i went though moneysupermarket to find the best deal, then searched on quidco for the best cashback, got £50 back through More Th>n making it £155, bargain

    If you go for Swift Cover use this code: VMD25MY to save £25 and then quidco for £45 more

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    They all come out about the same price (unfortunately). I shall have another go on the swift cover one with the extra codes and see if it's worth swopping from my current M&S insurance x

    I recently shopped around for car ins for my son ( first car young driver) & this came out the cheapest
    (up to £60 cashback through Quidco too .…nce)
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