Anyone know of any good storybooks suitable for a toddler to do with school?

    Does anyone know of any good books that i can read with my toddler to do with going to school. My little boy has started to cry when hes going to nursery, but fine when there. So looking for some books that we can read together Anyone know of any good titles? Thanks



    its quite natural for children to be like this, although neither of my two cried, they actually adored going, it is something that will either pass or not pass, most books are about going to school, as they are old enough to understand more, my daughter was an only child so adored going for the company of other children, and so was my little man really, as by the time he was of age for nursery his sister was a teenager

    there's a Spot goes to nursery book, my daughter has, but if you want to be a little less obvious the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is brilliant and can strike up a good discussion, there's also a DVD which goes with it

    Found this site which had some good looking recommendations:…htm

    My daughter was the same.They soon get over it.

    Does he have a fav tv character? We read a Spot bok with our daughter about going to school cos she loved Spot but we also watched some episodes of Postman Pat where the kids were at school and it seemed to be reassuring for her.

    Hi A good place for childrens books is [url][/url]

    Great Prices and used buy the schools/Pre Schools.

    Hope it helps.:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the replies everyone
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