Anyone know of any music shops in Murcia torrevieja selling guitars or drums?

LocalFound 20th May 2012
Hi, anyone know if there are any good music ships in the Murcia or torrevieja area as when out there we want to look at guitars and drum gear. Any info greatly accepted.

Also, if you know of any decent bars that have proper live guitar rock music etc, then let me know as we have a budding youngster who plays drums with his local little band and wants to visit some live watch not to drink mind you!!! Thanks
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Better of asking on tripadvisor
I spend a lot of time there and I can't think of any music shops off the top of my head. You might have better luck by taking a trip to Cartagena - there's a big shopping mall there. There's also a shopping mall in Dos Mares, where you might find one.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.. I've never needed a music shop during my stay!
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