Anyone know of any PAYG mobile phone deals?

    I would like to spend between £50 and £100 and I would like it small or slim-ish.

    Ideally, I'd like the Nokia 6300 again - Anyone know of any deals on this or any other PAYG mobile phones?


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    Hello Football chum...

    Thanks for that! I'm sure I've seen the 6300 cheaper somewhere though!

    Obviously I'll bear that link in mind though, cheers!


    Yeah today only deal at e2save £59.99…LCL

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    That's great!

    Which one is unlocked so I can put my O2 sim?

    And I know this might seem like a bizarre thing but do they have a Vodofone or T-Mobile logo at the back...
    I hate that!

    Thanks in advance!

    the phones at e2 save at 59.99, but u have to buy airtime voucher £10 and delivery is £4.95 so it will cost u £75!!
    carphone warehouse have got them at 59.99 + £10 top up but no delivery charge

    better still Marshall ward have them @ 69.95 + £3 delivery so £72.95. use a new account code voucher (ZG430) and u will get it brand new on vodaphone for £42.95!!!

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    mustafa, that code isn't working!

    It says...

    ZG430 Code only available on 1st order. Voucher rules not met.

    I've not ordered anything from them, ever!

    it should work!! unless u already have a account with them or 1 of there sister companies!! littlewoods, empire...
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