Anyone know of the best way to get cheap(er) flights to Australia?


    ANyone help? I'm looking to book flights to Australia (Melbourne) for April next year. I've looked on the usual sites (Travelsupermarket, Skyscanner, etc), as well as going to airlines' websites, and they're all around £1000 return.

    Is is cheaper to wait until nearer the time to book and hope the flights might come down? Or would it be cheaper to go to a travel agent and book through there?

    Cheers in advance!!


    ive just booked 2 return flights to perth from heathrow in october and from what i have seen brunei is the best (cheapest)

    I have been to Oz several times ( I visit my son and grandchildren ) and I always go around april as it is the cheapest time.I usually wait untill 3-4 weeks before to get the best price..last time I went I found Singapore airline gave the best deal as they threw in a free stopover in singapore . also it is one of the best airlines to fly with,on a trip like that it is important to research the airline.
    I personally would not fly with Qantas or BA again as they dont match up to singapore airline or Japan airline which are also very good,on comfort and service and price.

    i went with singapore airlines last time but now they seem expensive altho saying that the flight was great,very good airline

    best to go through a good through an online consolidator who will have some good prices, also you havent said what dates a if you going just before xmas and comin bac after new year then youve got a really good price

    I flew with Emirates a couple of years ago and it was about £700 return to Brisbane.

    But I'd never fly with them as I got food poinsoning from the food on board
    Plus we were that delayed flying out of Brisbane, we missed our connecting flight in Dubai and had to wait there for 7 hours with no money (or idea of how much 7 million Dirham's was) and nowhere to sit because the airport was packed solid! Bad experience!
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