Anyone Know of Websites To Get Good Priced Craft Items

    Pretty much what I put in the rather long title!

    I'm looking for all sorts of craft equipment/accessories such as paper, card, jewels, paints, stickers and the list goes on!

    I don't really want to buy each item in bulk but just an assortment of a lot things on a fairly regular basis.
    Really need it to be as cheap as possible.

    So if anyone can recommend a site that is good and legit I would be very grateful.

    Thanks for your time :-)


    Original Poster

    Wow, thanks very much for them! I will go have a look now.
    Thanks for your time and effort :-)

    the works or a shop like that. even £ land.

    Original Poster

    I tried the works and some bits are ok but they seem to be quite seasonal now! Though I haven't been to £land or such like. Thank you very much :-)

    That's a lot of sites crafty han! I will definitely have a look at all of them. Thank you very much.

    Thanks again to you all for taking the time to help me out, I really do appreciate your time :-)
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