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Anyone know the best way of removing the 'proof' words written on school photos?

Posted 12th Jun 2008
Well with the current credit crunch and all that, I don't really want to buy 3 lots of school photos, but would love a copy of the 2 that I can't afford to buy! Just wondering how I would go about editing the proof pic without having to pay a ridiculous price for them.

Many thanks for any advice
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we only get a choice of one of our kids:?
Here jus usually 1 image.School photo prices not too bad,however when Cerys was in nursery,the photographers who went there,really dear.
I still bought however.

I don't think there anyway to get rid of the writing across.
My brother sat for hours and copied bits of the photo and pasted it over,it looked great but I think there is a programe used for damaged photos that does it quicker.
You can't I don't think, how can it see under the proof image? it cant' it's just black.

My uncle works for a big firm Photograph in Nottingham and he couldn't do it.
You could probably do it in photoshop using the clone tool, but isn't the proof version usually tiny? Would it blow-up into a decent size image?
just buy the photos you tight ********** lol! jokes


Whether software could make *any* attempt at the job would depend on whether it was a watermark saying "PROOF" or whether it was a big black word saying "PROOF"
you can always try to remove the black pixels and replace them with the correct skin tone/colour. but i have a feeling that would take hours and isn't actually worth the bother.
Can you scan the photo in, give us an idea what it's like.
If it's a small photo, I can make it larger size for you with no loss in quality.
Yeah it all depends on the type of PROOF.
the PROOF is usually in around size 16 going diagonally through the picture intercepting the face...
Surely the pics cant be that much? Or else just keep the proofs. There is no way to get an excellent qulaity picture, even with hours on photoshop. I like Carley's suggestion above
On my daughters photos they PROOF is normally written in a watermark.
adobe photoshop, just done it takes about an hour removed 4 proofs on across each corner:thumbsup:
Post the picture and let me see what I can do
it can be done easily enough with ps
yeah post the image ?
Don't think you can edit them :-(
i did it few years ago with our daughters school photo (using the clone tool already mentioned). It did take quite a while and was quite successful but I would only bother if the photos are quite expensive though, because, as with most photos that we've thought were great at the time - they have found themselves in a drawer amongst a pile of others of the 'specialness' Either that, or buy the smallest option single photo, enlarge them, and print them yourself onto photo quality paper - just a thought
I guess even if you photoshop it, and manage to get it perfect, you will personally still know it's there and everytime you look at it, you will see it, even if it's not there (Please don't read if drunk(

Dress them up in their school uniform and take your own pics.

Thats the easiest way :thumbsup:
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