Anyone know the best way to contact dell

    I'm trying to contact dell to report a fault with my monitor but can't find anything on their website about how to do it.

    When i try and email it asks for a service tag but won't accept the one on my monitor and i'm not too happy about calling a premium number to be put on hold in india for half an hour.

    Any help appreciated.


    shout very loud :whistling:

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    shout very loud :whistling:

    seems about the only way at the moment. :x

    Put Dell into the search…php it should give you a list of geographic number to use.

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    Put Dell into the search it should … Put Dell into the search it should give you a list of geographic number to use.

    cheers. :thumbsup: will phone tommorow if i don't get a reply to the email i sent to the order enquiries department.

    i've called them on their USA number (free from my landline)..and yes, it went through to an Indian call centre. still helpful though.
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