anyone know the current quidco pls on o2 checked site but given dif info on hukd!!!!

    Hi was looking at the iphone simplicity simm only deal 12 month contract 20 pounds a week , 600 min unl text & int but wondered what the current quidco would be pleaase? many thanks



    It'd take a lot less time to just check the site Here

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    Yepmakes sense, but another hukd member indicated that you could get the £20 deal for £11 with quidao, so i was trying to figure it outt but not from what quidco says, so was trying to see if i missed anythingh ???? still confssed!!!!!

    Why not check it yourself?????????

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    Why not check it yourself?????????

    wass given this info earleier indicating a different cash back hence wanted to know if there eas a deal not listed

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    Basivally was told you get get £20 a week foe £11 with 12 month contract and quidco, but i just cannotfathom it out?

    Did they tell you the moon was made out of cheese too?
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