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Anyone know the link to find your nearest FTTC cabinet ?

Posted 3rd Jul 2013
Hi folks

On the openreach website you were able to search all the FTTC (small green cabinets at the side of your road) in your local area not just the Exchange cabinet

I'm sure it's been removed, but does anyone else know where I could find this info from ?

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Doesn't show where all the cabinets are though in the town/city

The Openreach one actually flagged where the nearest green cabinet was
This one will tell you which cabinet you're connected to:-

Thanks again guys

i now know my cabinet number

Just need to find out where it is lol
You might have to go and have a walk around nearby your house - taking a dog might help so you don't look so dodgy :). The cabinets normally have the cabinet number displayed on the side or on the door. Other option is to save the leg work and try using Google Street View to see if you can spot the cabinet.
uses Google maps and found the cabinet, better than lurking around the streets lol

It's just down the road from where our new house is going to be
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