Anyone know the price for scrap stainless steel?

    I've got a few kilos of stainless , leftover from a job I was doing- was thinking of taking it to a scrappy- but don't want laughed at if it's only worth pennies.


    A few quid.

    Lucky to get £1 a kilo

    £750 per metric tonne

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    10 years ago I scrapped a Metro and got £27.50, recently I scrapped a Renault Clio and got £147. Scrap metal is worth a lot of money these days and possibly a decent business start up idea

    Out walking the dog, we pick up the aluminium can's, just before christmas, we take them to the scrappy and get on average £15.
    That's after we take the coke zone codes off.
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