Anyone know their Harry Potters?

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Found 1st May 2011
Friend gave son a Harry Potter figure approx 14inches tall and poseable hand holds a wand and the other has a hole in it and he is holding it up like it would have a ball or something in it..when you push his left arm in towads his body it makes a noise and blows air out of the other hand...question is what's supposed to be on/in the other hand?
Rear of body says TM & @ WBEI CHINA

He is dressed in a loose hooded cloak and underneath that he is detailed had plastic school uniform.


could be the golden snitch? used in the quidditch games

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2 mins



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he hasnt got a quidditch uniform on tho..ill take a pic

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thanks i googled like're obv gifted xxxxxxxxxxxx

Wingardium Leviosa


was just about to say a feather as it sounded like wingardium leviosa.
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