Anyone know what a flashing logo on a gigabyte auros gpu means

Posted 7th Jan
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Is this a new build or just a new GPU into an existing build?

What PSU do you have and is it powerful enough to run the card at idle and load?

It could be abnormal / not enough power going to the card?
I bought 3 of them from the seller, it's a new build with a used gpu in it... 1 of the 580s works but 2 of them both have this flashing red light above when it sees amd drivers... The fact one works no problem, even with benchmarking software suggests the psu is fine

It's a thermaltake litepower 550w
Do you have any Gigabyte / Auros / RGB software installed for changing the LED colour on the card?

Could be a conflict with app / drivers?

Still seems like an abnormal power issue.
Nothing, it's just a fresh install on windows 10 pro, as soon as installs graphics drivers automatically then black screen
I thought it maybe a power issue too but also does this with a brand new 600w aerocool psu on a different pc
You've obviously tried swapping out with the working one to make sure its the cards not the rest of the pc or set up?
Yea... I changed it with a Rx580, exact same model and that worked no issue
Google the manual it will say in that
MonkeyMan9007/01/2020 22:17

Google the manual it will say in that

Tried that first, didn't even mention it... I think it must just mean hardware failure
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