anyone know what happened to the free sega hanheld with that £20 magazine deal?

    I remmeber signing up for a deal- i am fairly sure it was a magazine deal that cam with a free sega handheld mega drive.

    I have searched and i cannot find it.

    can anyone remmeber what the deal was? and find a link?

    I have still not got the sega though.


    Either Total Film or Empire from memory?

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    i cant remember mate. i really cant. I have not had any empire magazines. I need to cheak my bank account.

    if anyone could find a link that woudl be good i have searched and cannot i will try looking for empire deals now as i am sure it was not a film deal...


    Jesus that's expensive!

    The one I saw (and forgot to go for) was £20 for 6 issues of Empire or Total Film I forget which and the free handheld... can find it either?

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    yes this is the one. repped.

    I have not got this through yet though i am hoping to email them and find out what is happening. - after i have checked my bank account
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