Anyone know what this Chinese? symbol means?

    Sorry I'm not sure how to directly add an image so this is the url…jpg

    Thanks anyone!


    prawn cracker?

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    Thank you:thumbsup:

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    prawn cracker?

    mmmm could be.....:?

    A man bows down to his new Dell PC.

    That's not chinese and I doubt that it is actually a word in any language.

    i once asked a chinese friend to translate into script "if you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up space" thinking it'd be a cool tattoo.

    the amount of script that this was translated into was MASSIVE

    so i expect many people who have chinese style symbols as tattoos may well simply have "number 47" or "fried rice" written on their bodies!!

    That is not a Chinese word.

    Its Klingon for "I Kill you"


    A man bows down to his new Dell PC.

    :lol: :-D
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