anyone know what this laptop is worth? NEC Versa S940 13.3"

    Other half has decided she wants a netbook and wants to sell her trusty 13 inch lappy.

    Looked on the bay but there are precious few su-notebooks selling there to get an idea of value

    so any ideas anyone

    it is an NEC Versa S940

    specs are

    # Intel Pentium-M Centrino Processor 1.8 GHz
    # 1024 MB DDR SDRAM - Low cost double memory offer call for details!
    # 80 GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
    # DVD Dual Layer Drive - To read DVDs and CDs and write CDs, DVD+, DVD- and large Dual Layer DVD
    # 13" XGA Widescreen TFT Screen (1280x800)
    # Intel 855GME Shared Graphics
    # Integrated LAN and 56k v.90 data fax modem
    # Integrated wireless 802.11b/g LAN - Call for advice on Wireless networking
    # Integrated 5-in-1 card reader reads Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card, Picture Card
    # Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition Pre Loaded with COA

    loos like this…JPG

    not hers BTW

    any indication of value greatfully received



    It's not an ultraportable at 2.1kg so I guess you're looking at £200-300.

    Original Poster


    It's not an ultraportable at 2.1kg so I guess you're looking at £200-300.

    yeah in theory it can't be described as an ultraportable because it is widescreen but its still pretty darn portable - its been all over the world with us over the last 3 years.

    But is it really worth that much !?

    I was guessing at half that !!!!




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