Anyone know what time Arsenal are turning up tonite?

    Getting battered.....Almunia having a good game tho...


    looks like they are starting to show up



    looks like they are starting to get shown up



    nope they have gone again

    Almunia is on fire, I don't know how Barca haven't scored.

    men against boys at the moment

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    very good game

    Inter 0-0 for those interested.

    Didn't come out at half time!

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    could turn into a pounding now....

    all the praise almunia got at half time must have went to his head, awful goalkeeping coming for that ball

    Ohh they've woken up at last!!

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    at last..!!!

    get in ! got cash on 2-1 barca,no more goals please

    2-2 now

    Well that was an interesting second half. Only caught the last 20 minutes though so i missed the first three goals.
    But that was the worst penalty decision i've ever seen.
    Fabregas clearly just kicked the defender in the legs and fell over, and the defender got red carded? WTF?
    I do like Arsenal but i have to say Barcalona deserved at least a win.
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