Anyone know when can us "rejects" see what's in the Next sale?

I didn't get a VIP sale slot AGAIN this year, can't believe they say its random as I always used to get one until about 2 years ago, as did my sister, and yet my friend who hardly spends anything has got one the last 4 sales. Anyway, I'm not overly bothered as I got my friend to order things I really wanted for me, but I still can't get to see the sales listing and usually by now we've been able to look at it even though we can't order yet.

Does anyone know when we'll be able to see the sales listings and if so, what the link is. Would appreciate it.


i never got one either..tbh am peed off and wont be up at 5 am this year to grab bargains from them.


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Well we have a bit of a theory, my sister and I, that may or may not apply to you too. Basically, we both order LOADS in the sale, and quite a bit throughout the year too, but we also send LOADS back aswell whereas my friend who gets a VIP slot doesn't order much at all but then keeps most of it, so we think it has something to do with how much you send back as it costs them loads of money.

However, a tip for you, go through the catalogue today and do a quick order of the stuff you want, delete any that say "in stock" from your basket and just order the items that are on any kind of a delay. When they are delivered they will come through at the sale price. We did this at the weekend and some have come already but as they said they would be delivered after the sale they are still coming through at the sale price.

It works every time but as I said, only on delayed items, means you should get ahead of everyone else in the sale on Saturday, unless they all read this of course!!

Please Tell Me

Typical.... materialistic women:whistling:

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Typical.... materialistic women:whistling:

Materialistic women who have to clothe their children so try to do it at sale prices!! Can't afford to clothe them nicely at full price!!

1st tip:

Your average length of rope/string can be used as a belt.

No need to rep me


yeh it's the kids i buy for, much easier than trailing them rounds the … yeh it's the kids i buy for, much easier than trailing them rounds the shops(nightmare)!!!!!!!!!! Next aren't that cheap, nice clothes that last but pricey at times. Good Luck with getting some bargains Annie:thumbsup:

buying for the kids......

that old chestnut:roll:

not buying that:p

lmao@ my gf who booked a vip slot for 11 not realising it was am, then went on to use it at.....11pm
she was all baffled by the site telling her the slot was expired, thought it was a technical glitch lolololol

no one telling then

Without "trolling" - I have gone to the next sale year on year and am always thoroughly disappointed. I cant understand what the big deal is with the Next sale, the reductions are decent, but the quality and style of the clothes has always been poor at best.

If you want stuff from Next reduced, I would probably say go to George @ Asda or TU @ Sainsburys and get similar quality and style of kit for the same price at normal times!

the sale stuff is online now to look at, well it was yestererday and you can buy from tomorrow.
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