Anyone know when the next Ryanair £1/1p sale is???

Hoping to book cheap flights to London from Belfast in June, but at the minute the flight is £10er (no taxes) going out and £60 coming back. If I could even get the outgoing flight for £1 or a penny then that would help me out, since im booking for 4 adults...

anyone got a rough idea?

Many thanks!


It hasn't been 1p for a while but has been bouncing between 2.50 and 10.00 for quite a few weeks. Reckon a 1p deal is overdue! Hope so as I want some too!

the deals at the mo only go up to may so maybe wait a month ?

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£2.50 isnt that shabby either I suppose!

Done a bit of research and its cheaper coming back with easyjet (25.99)

But im worried about waiting too long cos easyjet prices are always going up almost daily i think!...

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yea suppose, maybe ill wait until march then... thanks

free flights now!!

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still up until april unfortunately, hopefully wont be long for june flights

it started yesterday.it usually starts in mid feb every year

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doesnt cover june yet.. .. im so impatient!!!
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