Anyone know where I can buy a Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard for cheap?

    My partner's is on the verge of giving up, and I'd like to replace it for him, but on ebay they're selling used/refurbished ones for roughly £50! I was wondering if anyone either had one to sell for cheap, or knew of a decent computer place where I could buy one from?

    Many thanks in advance xxxxxxxxx


    Look for an older version of the g15? it may be a bit cheaper as they brought out a new model in 2008

    Giving up? The G15 was only released in 2006, if you've got a £50 keyboard dying after just three years I'd certainly not be buying another. Is it still under warranty?

    What's wrong with it? Maybe you could fix it yourself as keyboards are generally very simple things.

    The older version may be in higher demand because it's got more Macro keys.…421

    50 pounds here (new) , free delivery for orders over 50 pounds
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